Bad breath test

Are you unsure if you might have bad breath? But don't you want to ask someone for the first time?
Then take our atemfrisch® bad breath test as a first orientation!
If you can answer at least 7 of the following questions with "Yes", we recommend that you make an appointment with your dentist and have a halimeter examination carried out.

Are your dentist appointments more than once a year?
Do you eat many protein-containing products and/or drink protein-rich drinks?
Do you often sleep with your mouth open/do you snore?
Do you often have the feeling that you want to do something for fresh breath?
Do you drink more than 4 days/week of alcohol?
Do you often have a dry mouth?
Do you have a metallic taste?
Do you have to talk a lot in your job?
Do you have the feeling that the people you are talking to are backing off or keeping a greater distance?
Are you often offered chewing gum, sweets, pastilles etc.?
Are you taking medication with the side effect "dry mouth"?
Do you have diabetes?
Lick the back of your hand with your tongue, wait about 30 seconds and then smell the place. Do you find the smell unpleasant?
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