About us

Your Tetrobreath team has been working on the topic of bad breath and its prevention and control since 2002:
A lot of groundwork has also been done on where halitosis really comes from. Particularly among dentists, the opinion still very often prevailed that bad breath primarily comes from the stomach and incorrect oral hygiene.
Many affected people therefore had to go through the relay: dentist with oral hygiene, then ENT, then internist with gastroscopy and always the great disappointment and helplessness when nothing improved. So we always saw it as our core task not only to offer an efficient way of avoiding bad breath, but also to help clarify the main cause of bad breath:
More than 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth itself, during the pre-digestion process especially of proteins by so-called anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not like oxygen). This is where the foul-smelling sulphides are produced. These can easily be neutralized with oxygen. 
In 2017, Tetrobreath GmbH launched a new, optimised remedy for bad breath on the market in the form of atemfrisch® mouthwash. The main ingredient is very highly dosed oxygen (hdO2). The overall concept of atemfrisch® mouthrinse is not aimed at masking bad breath, but at an efficient result = fresh breath - if the cause is anaerobic bacteria (which is 90% of the case).
Since 2019, atemfrisch® mouth spray and atemfrisch® toothpaste have also been available with the same active principle.
We are still convinced that high-dose oxygen (hdO2) is the best way to prevent bad breath and get fresh breath.
Why? Let's take a look at the remedies against bad breath available on the market:

Covering up bad breath
There is a huge amount of sweets, chewing gums, pastilles, hot tasting mouthwashes (often with alcohol, which deprives the mouth of additional oxygen), etc., which promise fresh breath. But how long does that last? How much sugar etc. do you take in with it and it only brings something for minutes? As an exception we see products containing xylitol. Since xylitol stimulates the salivation. Saliva also contains oxygen and when you swallow it, many anaerobic bacteria are also swallowed.

Killing the anaerobic bacteria
Many products against bad breath kill the anaerobic bacteria. This prevents pre-digestion and no sulphide is produced that smells. So: The bad breath is gone. These products can be recognized by the fact that after a certain period of use you should take a break from using them or that you should only use the products "for a cure" for a certain time. Why? Because not only the bacteria are killed, but also the oral flora is disturbed and has to recover.

  • Pre-digestion no longer takes place
  • The oral flora is disturbed
  • During the application break the body produces the anaerobic bacteria again, because it needs them

So it starts all over again...
Fresh breath with atemfrisch® mouthwash, atemfrisch® toothpaste and atemfrisch® mouth spray! Therein lies the entire experience of your Tetrobreath team since 2001!